How can I eat my favorite foods on a gluten free diet?

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Going gluten-free? No more wheat for you (or barley, among other things)! Upon entering this new lifestyle, leave your fears at the door, and all of your bread products, too.

While for some, the switch to a gluten-free diet is a necessary action due to food allergies or celiac disease, others choose to switch because it's simply easier on their stomachs.

Gluten is a wheat protein used in many processed foods, but luckily not in all foods.

Removing all gluten from your diet can seem like a life altering choice, but it's actually quite easy! Corn, potato, and rice are three natural carbohydrates that can replace the wheat carb. in your recipes. Instead of pita bread, use a 100% corn tortilla. Where you may see toast, why not fry up some potatoes? Instead of flour, use a rice flour (you can make rice flour at home with dried rice in a coffee grinder!).

Don't want to bake bread from scratch? Gluten-free bread makers such as such as UDI and Kinnikinnick deliver to local supermarkets.

Gluten free diet kids have a hard time giving up fun things like Kraft mac-n-cheese. Quinoa pasta is a gluten free option found in every grocery store; and if you're in a crunch for time why not buy the Kraft brand, ditch the pasta and keep the cheese sauce mix? Simply boil up your Quinoa pasta and mix with the Kraft cheese. Kids get their favorite mac-n-cheese taste and no belly-aches afterwards.

Gluten free baking mixes, such as for pancakes, cakes, and even frosting, are also sold in most grocery stores. The brand Pamela's uses all natural ingredients and have recipes right on the bag!

When on a gluten-free diet it's important to know what you crave! Got a thing for cookies, pizza, or maybe even beer? Don't risk the pain involved in self-deprivation and the "binge" eating that tends to come after, instead, put your new gluten-free versions of these dirty little favorites on your grocery list!

Replace cookies with Quaker's Rice Cakes- they are delicious and come in many different flavors such as caramel and chocolate to satisfy your sweet tooth.

For pizza, it's easy as pie. Make sure you have these five ingredients handy: mozzarella cheese, tomato sauce, Italian seasoning, olive oil, and gluten free bagels. Make your own pizza bagel by toasting a lightly olive oiled bagel in the oven on high broil for five minutes, then add your toppings (don't forget the seasoning, just sprinkle on the sauce) and broil for a few more.

Feeling confident? Why not try some Pamela's Gluten Free pizza crust mix? And make your own pie.

Beer is not gluten-free! (neither is most liquor) Satisfy your beer craving with my personal favorite- RedBridge, an Anheuser-Busch brand made from sorghum that is completely gluten free. Ciders are also gluten free and fruity.

Here are some gluten-free diet tips to help you find your favorites on your grocery trip:

Lightest pasta around- Rice pasta is a light pasta that is a staple in Thai and Japanese cuisine, and is gluten-free. It can be found in your grocery store's international foods section.

Fun finds in the freezer section- Always check the freezer section of your grocery store, especially near ethnic foods- gluten free frozen pizza crusts, gluten free toaster waffles, and gluten free muffins are a few fun things you'll find.

Mexi-savvy- Taco kits can be found in the international foods section that include the seasoning, condiments, and taco shells (always check for 100% corn flour) to make for an easy and fun gluten-free meal!

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